Those of you who know me or are familiar with my work know that I don’t have a great deal of patience for pixel peeping. I can tolerate pixel peerpers but not so much their pixel peeping activity.

My primary concern with pixel peeping is that it never takes into account things like mood, art, feeling and most important – taste. Pixel peeping also removes the single most valuable tool a photographer has from the equation – the photographic eye – and replaces it with a set of numbers.

Michael Reichmann of Luminous Landscape has written a very eloquent piece about this on his site. While I rarely simply link to another post here on the TWIPPHOTO blog (I think out of 600 posts I’ve done it less than five times…) this is one case where I simply couldn’t have written this as well as Michael did – and yet it’s such an important point that I want to make sure everyone gets it.

Sometimes you should believe your eye and not the numbers.