I am going to recommend a couple of books I’ve been reading lately. These aren’t going to be the in-depth reviews that you get here from Conrad almost every Sunday – just quick picks of stuff I like.

The first book I want to suggest is Rick Sammon’s Top Digital Photography Secrets. This book also includes a DVD guide to lighting, camera, and digital photography basics. The DVD includes twelve QuickTime movies, providing ninety minutes worth of live-action video lessons. It’s an interesting mixture of video training and a book.

Page-after-page, Rick teaches beginning to intermediate digital photographers how to get more out of their photos. Rick leaves nothing on the table. You never get the sense that he’s holding back. He reveals all freely. It’s up to you to put the information in play, but he makes it possible without making it unnecessarily difficult to understand.

There are more than 100 things the average photographer can learn from this one book alone. I’d say that’s 100 steps toward better photos.

The next book is all about hummingbird photography – The Hummingbird Guide – How to Photograph Hummingbirds Using High-Speed Multiple Flash by LINDA ROBBINS with Arthur Morris is the single most detailed book on the subject. It’s only available as a CD book from Arthur’s website BIRDSASART.COM.

Whether you want to know technique, gear or methodology, Linda covers every step in great detail. The book contains some stunning photographs of hummingbirds as well as illustrations on gear placement, backgrounds and more.

I might be biased because I love bird photography, but even if you have no interest in hummingbird photography now, you will after you read this book.

The main feature of this book is its practical nuts and bolts approach. There’s so much detail that it’s astonishing. $53 including shipping.