Two current events – the US Air Crash on the Hudson River and the Inauguration of Barack Obama, are showing just how important photography can be.

The US Air plane crash had to be one of the most photographed plane crashes of all time because of its location. There are probably more cameras along the Hudson River at any one time than there are in some large cities.

The pictures told the incredible story so well, that just looking at the images we’ve seen published, you could pretty much tell exactly what happened without text. And I’m including everything from the crash itself to the human interest stories like the hero pilot.

Today, America will welcome a new President. No doubt hundreds of thousands of pictures will be taken every minute during this process. And technology will join photography to create some interesting opportunities.

CNN is using Microsoft Photosynth to create what they are calling “The most detailed experience of a single moment ever.

People are encouraged to take up to three photos at the moment Obama takes the oath, then e-mail them to CNN. Then CNN will display these images at to see the results.

These are just two of the slices in time that will be important to many people this week. And without photography, the world wouldn’t have near the understanding of what is happening.

I wish I had something more profound to say about this because these are indeed profound moments, where photography is making a profound impact.

But I guess I just wanted to mention them because as photographers, I think we sometimes forget the sacred trust we hold when we carry a camera.

We’re doing more than taking pictures. We’re protecting memories, telling stories and preserving history.