I’ve been thinking about the ethereal side of photography. There’s always time to think gear. But what about the other stuff? So here are some random thoughts. Feel free to add yours as well in the comments section.

Photography gives us a basis for finding common ground. Through photography, we’re able to go places we would never otherwise go. It helps us obtain information about the world filtered through the eye of the artist.

Photography is very accessible and photographs are a landscape that most people know how to navigate. They might not understand why a painting or a sculpture is good or not, but they do know when a photograph is in focus, or properly lit.

Everyone knows what it’s like to take a picture and everybody knows what it’s like to be the subject of the picture. This discovery opens up the world and makes the subject of the photo immortal.

Still photography is often looked at as a second cousin to video. But still photography offers no distraction from sound or movement.

If a photographer is prepared to act during the decisive moment, he or she can capture that moment and share it with others almost immediately.

Photography is a simple form of communication that sometimes relies more on the human factor than on technique or gear.

Finding a great photograph is like finding a great treasure in a rummage sale.

If you’re a good photographer, the eye of the viewer becomes the eye of the photographer.