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Scott Bourne, a professional photographer with over 30 years experience, identifies his tried and true methods for starting and maintaining a successful career as a photographer.

In Secrets to Selling and Publishing Photography, from, Scott explains how to make a profitable living in this demanding field by developing a professional identity, setting realistic goals, getting publicity, finding customers, getting published, and working with agents.

Secrets to Selling and Publishing Photography provides you with six hours of training on CD.

*No internet connection required – faster access to movies
* Includes tutorial files so you can work along with the instructor
* You can take the cd with you when you travel or work without internet connection

Table of contents
1. Introduction / Welcome
a. Getting Started
b. Making a commitment to marketing
c. Setting goals
d. Promoting yourself aggressively
e. Staying organized
f. Monitoring your competition
g.Being everywhere

2. Developing a Professional Identity
a. Branding yourself
b. Working with designers
c. Getting a business license
d. Creating a resume
e. Getting a business line
f. Phone etiquette
g. Creating effective self-promotion materials

h. Developing a yellow pages ad

3. Making Your Work Visible
a. Showing your work
b. Creating a ”leave behind”
c. Attending portfolio review events
d. Entering photo contests
e. Editing effectively

4. Advertising Your Work
a. Understanding why advertising is important
b. Knowing what compels customers to buy
c. Developing a clear message for your advertising materials

5. Being a Publicity Hound
a. Creating and sending press kits
b. Assembling your press kit

6. Developing and Maintaining a Customer Base
a. Knowing what is salable
b. Creating mailing lists
c. Getting customers
d. Finding new clients and customers
e. Giving great customer service
f. Providing a guarantee
g. Sending thank-you notes
h. Using testimonials
i. Getting repeat business

7. Knowing Your Customers
a. Knowing your customers
b. The patron
c. The collector
d. The casual art buyer
e. The decorator

8. Exhibiting Your Work
a. Developing an online portfolio
b. Exhibiting in galleries
c. Presenting your work to sell
d. Exhibiting at arts and crafts fairs
e. Selling on consignment
f. Hosting a studio open house
g. Selling on eBay
h. Selling with an online photo service
i. Taking up wedding photography
j. Researching alternative markets

9. Pricing Your Work for Profitability
a. Pricing essentials
b. Developing a pricing strategy
c. Calculating profitable day rates
d. Developing an incentive strategy
e. Making a sales pitch with integrity
f. Dealing with objections
g. Negotiating effectively
h. Closing the deal
i. Getting paid

10. Getting Published
a. Understanding the editorial submission process
b. Writing effective query letters
c. Following up
d. Creating a niche for yourself
e. Knowing what to publish
f. Publishing a book
g. Publishing in magazines
Writing to shoot

11. Looking at Alternatives to Traditional Publishing
a. Publishing in local newspapers
b. Publishing in trade publications and with small presses
c. Selling your work to catalogs
d. Creating an e-book
e. Submitting work to greeting card and calendar companies
f. Submitting work to poster companies
g. Working with local business
h. Self publishing
i. Restoring and retouching photographs
j. Establishing yourself as a public speaker

12. Publishing with Stock Photography Agencies
1. Making money with stock photography
2. Selling photography with stock agencies

13. Hiring an Agent
1. Hiring an agent

14. Understanding Copyright Law and Licensing
1. License, don’t sell
2. Understanding copyright law

15. Conclusion
1. Goodbye

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  1. It says the “shopping cart has an error in it”. Does that mean its sold out?

  2. @Derek. Sorry don’t what happened but it’s fixed now.

  3. BTW, you can preview the first chapter of this title for free on, so you can see what it’s like before you buy :)

  4. Great information in this! I watched via Linda and loved it. It’s packed with great information on starting a photo business – actually any busines. If you’re thinking of starting a business this is a must see. I took a ton of notes and check off things as I go along.


  5. Ordered on 2 Jan 09….Haven’t received yet. Just curious on what’s up…


  6. I guess I can’t read and didn’t see the allow 2 weeks for delivery…I bad…


  7. I should have read the book and watched the video a long time ago!! This is fantastic and I highly recommend this. I have been sharing the links to this with many of my friends. For new or experienced photographers this training has some fantastic tips and ideas that I have been implementing. Ok, so it was incredible to also get some of these tips directly from Scott himself in Yosemite at the Aperture Nature Photography Workshop contest too! Thanks! John


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