Let’s talk about leading lines. You can use leading lines to bring the viewer’s eye into the picture. In the example above, I use the ladders and rails to bring the viewer into and eventually out of the photo. Since I think all good photos should have the same traits of a good story, i.e., a beginning, a middle and an end, I like to use lines, especially leading lines, to draw the viewer in.

Roads are especially good subjects when you want to use leading lines. This simple shot of telephone polls in Washington’s Palouse country is made interesting by the leading line of the dirt road.

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  1. I love leading lines. I have trouble composing a landscape when their isn’t something leading the eyes into it. I wish I had more time for it.

  2. I and trying to do this with almost every photo I have been taking lately. I love looking at photos and being aware of where my eyes flow through out the picture. Still have not been able to get a road shot that I like enough to be pleased with it yet.

  3. This is the art of photography.

  4. Scott, this is perhaps your best tip yet – concise and yet quite illustrative of a very sophisticated point, including thinking in terms of a beginning, middle and end in one’s composition Thanks.

  5. I thought that that was a photo of a road, with telephone poles, rather than a photo of telephone poles, with a road. Interesting. Thanks for the tip.

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