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  1. Great video, very educational. Thanks!
    But where are the portraits taken? I’d love to see them.

  2. I’m interested to see the photos as well. Thanks!

  3. Regarding the defussion panel, when your moving it that close to the models face are we getting better light through the defussion panel on the models face or is it that the defussion panel is so close that the white in the panel is starting to reflect light onto the models face from the other side?

  4. If pics from this are going to be posted they’ll be at As for the diffuser Joshua the light is passing THROUGH not bouncing off.

  5. Olga and Bim:
    You can find a bunch of photos from the shoot on Mostly Lisa’s Flickr photostream. The direct link to the set is:

  6. I love short videos like this or like the ones about gear you used to make, scott.
    I’m curious, is there some reason this isn’t on the TWIP feed?

    On a side note, is so unfortunate that the ANPW contest is open only to those in the US, I know that it’s for legal reasons and to cover yourself. If only you could just put something like: “Void where prohibited, or where this terms won’t be valid in its entirety”

  7. Thanks for these videos. They are very “enlightening.” :-))
    It is very helpful to see real pros in action.

  8. This was eye-opening. I’ve never use diffusers outside. It would be cool to see some samples from this shoot.

  9. I’m going to test this setup this weekend. In the past I always used strobes shot through umbrellas to get a nice soft light on my subjects (you can see a shot here:, but Scott Stulberg was adamant on using a bounce/diffuser combo to achieve the same effect. He also says it’s more reliable than using flashes and way easier to truck around. I’ll give it a go this week and let you know how I find it.

  10. Ahhh yes my reflector/diffuser light bulb in my head just went on. Great instructional video, thanks.

  11. Joshua,

    The light is passing through the diffuser, and the reason you bring it close is that it makes the light source bigger from the model’s perspective. If you move it far away, you make the light source smaller, so you get less light, but harsher shadows. You need to move it close to get both less light and a softer more diffuse source of light.


  12. Okay so here’s a stupid question about diffusers – I like how you demonstrated the dedicated diffuser, but what if your diffuser is mounted like a cap onto a hot shoe flash (off camera of course)? Would you still want it that close to the subject? Those hot shoe flashes are pretty bright, and even my 550EX with the diffuser cap on it kicks out some light. So, I guess my question kind of answered itself, but perhaps you could help explain when to use one type of diffuser over another?

    Oh yeah, cool music too!

  13. Scott, What size is that reflector and diffuser?

  14. @John couldn’t tell you since they weren’t mind. Probably about 2′.


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