September 18, 2008

Alaska Video Diary

Scott Bourne’s Alaska Video Diary from Scott Bourne on Vimeo.

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  1. Thanks for going to such lengths to share your trip with us Scott. This is the sort of stuff that just gets me excited to learn more about photography and spend more money than I have on it. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

  2. I second what Greg said – thanks for giving us an inside look at such a unique trip.

  3. Gosh that G9 is sweet. hahaha.. Thanks again for the Alaskan experience. Love your images, and the video was fantastic!

  4. I really love the video these Canon point-and-shoot camera take, it’s really convenient that I don’t have to carry a large video rig along with my DSLR. I’ve completely moth-balled my Mini-DV camera in favor of point-and-shoot video. I suppose you’re using iMovie or something like with native Motion-JPEG decoding.

  5. Yep, great video Scott.

    Now I want a sea plane!!

  6. Great Thanks Scott and I continue to be amazed by the sheer immensity of a trip like this and the quality of video from the G9.

  7. An amazing video, loved the music piece.. thank you so much Scott!!

  8. Great video – it’s such beautiful country up there in Alaska. Thank you for sharing this video.

  9. While I watched the video I was wondering where Scott got the music. You are talented man! Thanks for sharing all this from your trip!

  10. @Scott Bourne Not only can you take awesome photos, but you can play guitar. I enjoyed the music during the plane flight. Great video!

  11. Incredible! Thanks for sharing the video. I just put the first nickel in my “I’m going to Alaska” jar.
    G9 is very impressive.

  12. Thank you for showing the capabilities of the G9.
    It was so impressive I just ordered one thru Amazon.
    B&H was out of stock ;-(

    I have had two trips to Alaska without seeing bears. A lot of paw prints but no bears…
    You are a lucky man…

  13. Wow Scott, thank so much for sharing your experience with us. I can here in your voice that you are totally enjoying the trip and the environment. What an incredible experience for you. I’m glad you got to go. Thanks for your generosity in taking time out of your shooting time to share with us. So Beautiful!

  14. Scott,

    Tell us a little more about the music credits, I always thought your ladies man reputation came from your long lense, now I realize you are a renaissance man and bow to your skills!

  15. @Robert – my mom was a music teacher and I had to trade two hours of music lessons for every two hours I wanted to play football – so by the time I got to high school, I could play just about any stringed instrument and most percussion instruments. I was a guitar performance minor at Indiana University which has a great music school and I even did one summer at Juilliard…but that was a million years ago. As for being a ladies man – maybe 30 years ago :)

  16. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us Scott. i would love to be able to take a trip like this some day, but until it was great to see what a big time photo trip looks like!

  17. Scott I echo what everyone else said. Thanks for sharing this!!

  18. Scott, awesome video but wow, loved the soundtrack! You have the talent. I am shooting a very (very) small wedding next week and my G9 ia [now] going in the bag to do video. Thanks!

  19. Really enjoyed the music Scott, a lovely surprise that it is yours!

  20. Very impressed by your music… (as in addition to everything else)

  21. WOW, It must feel good to see bears in their own setting. Great Job, Scott

  22. i was just in alaska with my trusty G9 last week! got within 5 feet of a lil brown bear! it was fantastic!


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