Photo by Scott Bourne

Photo by Scott Bourne

It is possible to reformat iPhoto books even though like many iPhoto tricks, it’s not well known.

To reformat iPhoto books just double click the image you want to resize or crop or both. You’ll get a dialog box allowing you to crop and resize. Easy and quick.

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  1. I’m a bit confused by this tip. You say reformat iPhoto book but do you actually mean reformat photos inside iPhoto Book projects? When I double click a photo inside a book, it opens the photo in Edit mode which for me means opening Photoshop Elements. If you edit this way it will change the photo as it appears everywhere in the library.

    If I just single click on a photo I get a pop-up tool slider allowing me to change the zoom level and pan of the photo inside the photo border.

  2. I’ve had the most difficult time trying to find out what Color Space the iPhoto Book images are supposed to be in. I’ve written Apple and gotten a canned response not answering the question at all. I have sent in both and have had good and bad results from both. Anybody have a definitive answer on this one?

  3. OK, a little late to the party on this one, but I was looking into the iPhoto book color space issue myself. This thread seems to have an answer:

    Hope this helps.


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