Apple updated its professional workflow photography application, Aperture.

Apple says the Aperture 2.1.1 “update supports general compatibility issues, improves overall stability, and addresses a number of other minor issues.”

The 48MB update can be downloaded from Apple’s Web site.

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UPDATE: After installing the update I found out more about the update as follows:

Late-Breaking News About Aperture 2.1.1
The Aperture 2.1.1 update provides compatibility with MobileMe and addresses issues related to performance and overall stability of Aperture 2. The update includes fixes that affect several features, including:

Preview generation
Adding keywords
Comparing images
Importing and exporting projects
Crop HUD
Highlights & Shadows controls
Dodge & Burn plug-in
Lift & Stamp HUD
Exporting versions
Adjustments pane and Adjustments HUD
Book themes
Help menu

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  1. Nice! If only I had a mac…

  2. i was hoping for 2.2 as the next release… some missing features added.

    the only bug i found was the web gallery, and thumbnail display (not present on fix list)

  3. I really wish “All Projects” would behave more like all events in iphoto.

    I don’t want it to be iphoto, but I just wish there was the abilities for it to remember where I was last looking at. Everytime I go anywhere in aperture and go back to the All Projects grid, it always starts at the top with my first project by date at the top. It doesnt remember if I was at the middle or bottom looking at later dated projects, AND it doesn’t remember if I sort it ascending as opposed to descending (or vice versa I can never remember which is which). two very big annoyances for me, because sometimes I like just browsing through my projects visually as opposed to a folder tree on the left.

    Also, and this could be a limitation of my knowledge, but as far as i know, you are unable to go from a project to all projects via a keyboard shortcut ( i know you can click on all projects, but like I said before it goes to the top of the all projects and not selecting the project i was just viewing)

    I know this post isn’t very clear, and this also isn’t the space to complain, but these two issues are making me use aperture in a way I wish I didn’t have to sometimes, and I thought the part of the appeal of aperture was the limitless ways to use it.

    Anyway, enough rambling.

  4. @Scott do you have any idea when Apple or Adobe will update for the D700. Not sure if you got yours yet, but the files cannot be read by Aperture or CS3. Even with the latest updates.

  5. @Jay S I am sure it will be soon but no idea as to the date. For now I am using Capture NX to read D700 files.

  6. There are free utilities available to change the camera id code in D700 files so that they appear as D3 files to Aperture.

  7. Yeah, mine started crashing alot lately. I played with it last night and it seemed to be performing better, Only time will tell.

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