Nikon has announced the D700. This is a full-frame body that fits in their line right underneath the D3. It will no doubt cause the D300 to fall in price.

At $3000*, this is potentially a really important camera. It’s a professional-level body at a price point that is within reach of serious amateurs.

I’ve heard this camera mistakenly called a D3 replacement. It’s not. It’s slower at 5 fps, doesn’t have a 100% viewfinder, only has one CF card slot, and is missing a few other features offered on the D3. On the flip side, it does offer sensor cleaning which the D3 should have.

You can read the Nikon news release. It’s expected to start shipping later this month.

I think this is a very important camera. If it performs up to my expectations, it is a game changer that Canon had better respond to and I mean right now.

Nikon also announced the SB-900 flash . It’s the successor to the SB-800 and is also expected to ship late July at a price of approximately $500.

UPDATE: Thanks to several reader who alerted me to the fact that Nikon has posted a brochure for the new camera online.

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  1. Wow! Cool news :)

  2. If the Nikon D300 drops more that $300, it will be the last nail in the coffin for the Nikon D200. The sub-$1500 market for Nikon will be a little too crowded with the D300, D200, D80 and D60 within a $700 range of each other.

    Indeed, I can see Nikon dropping the D80 in favor of a premium consumer model based on the D40-D60 line just to compete with the fabulous Canon Digital Rebel XSi. Nikon has had a bit of new camera diarrhea. They seem to have replaced their entire line of 35mm-form DSLR cameras in the last 18-months or so. Not that I’m complaining…

    However, the Nikon SB900 news is pretty exciting. I can’t wait to see how they improve the SB800. Do you think they’ll drop the SB800 or SB600?

  3. I have been waiting to buy my first DSLR and planning on picking up a used D200. From the sounds of this post, I may be able to opt for a D300 Retail instead!

  4. Very impressive. Although this camera isn’t something I would purchase (my D300 is more than enough camera for me for the time being), you have to give Nikon kudos for it’s forceful, even relentless, strategy over the past year. Surely Canon will fire back, but I hope it isn’t “too little, too late.” We all benefit from this fierce competition.

  5. Full frame sensor. Mmmmmmm.

  6. Finally an affordable full frame sensor from Nikon, guess I’ll have to get the Sigma 12-24mm since its the only full frame superwide lens that I know of. Does anyone else know of any superwide full frame lenses?

  7. What happened to the D400, D500 and D600?

  8. If the D3 and D300 were nails in Canon’s coffin, the D700 is the last nail, or maybe some glue in addition to the nails to make sure it stays closed! I for one have made up my mind to stop waiting and switch to Nikon from Canon.

  9. Twitter tells me that Scott Bourne has switched from Canon to Nikon and is selling his old gear. It must be f****ing cold in hell now …

    Was it the announcement of the D700 that pushed you over the edge, Scott?

    (btw: Welcome in Nikon-land)

  10. And I just bought a D200. Never fails. Always buy just at the wrong time. That is okay, the 200 is a fantastic camera for what I do and I am happy with it. Just wondering why Nikon is relieving itself of so many cameras at such a fast pace. Are they catching up, trying to get ahead, or both? Usually, when a company forces out so many products so fast, the quality goes down unless they are doing a mass hiring in R&D, and company stats aren’t showing that?

  11. “It’s a professional-level body at a price point that is within reach of serious amateurs.”

    Don’t forget the Pentax K20D… its even more affordable and a professional body :)

  12. The D700 will actually be a great compliment to my D300 when it arrives. They both use the same MB-D10 vertical grip which then gives the D700 8FPS! 1FPS less than the D3. Way to go Nikon!

  13. […] is a full-frame body that fits in their line right underneath the D3.” See more details at and Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can […]

  14. Goodness, Scott, I can’t say I’m not tempted to switch as well.

    You’re right. $3K is right there. I took my first splash in the kiddie pool of photography with my Rebel XTi, fell in love, and had my eyes on a 5D or used 1D, but the feature set, particularly speed and light-sensitivity, that the D700 and D3 cameras offer are second to none.

    I’m willing to wait until the end of the year, or at least until after Photokina, to see if Canon has anything up its sleeve or if it has no response at all. If that often-rumored-about 5D Mk II is anywhere near as impressive as the D700, I may stick with Canon. Otherwise, I, too, may be jumping ship and joining you in Nikon land.

  15. Scott, Alex etc…

    Can you guys clear up the major issues of owning Nikon lense optimized for the 1.5 factor – and then potentially moving to the D700.

    Many here are talking about moving to a D700 – but I bet many are D100,200 and 300 owners… who will all be effected by the optimized glass they are buying… it would be a good topic to hit on – I know you have talk about it in the past for a few minutes but now with the official release it would be good to have a good talk about the drawbacks / benifits…

  16. How about a new contest with the D700 and SB900 as the prizes??

  17. It looks like a lovely camera. As a canon user I am hoping to pick up a “50D” next year so when Nikon release great cameras it must put pressure on Canon to make their cameras even better than Nikons and hopefully cheaper, because if they dont improve soon I’ll be tempted to switch ( I must now go wash my mouth out with soap ;-) )

  18. Ken Rockwell has a good set of recommendations on Lenses for the D700:

    I’ve also posted a “state of the DSLR” market visual chart updated to include the D700:

  19. Hi Kelly.
    Ever heard about Nikons award-winning 14-24 mm? Expensive, but it’s already a classic!

  20. I think the D700 is the perfect camera. Not everybody needs to spend 5K to get a full frame sensor

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