Nikon has announced the release of Capture NX 2 for both Mac and Windows. A free trial download is available.

While this update will be of primary interest to Nikon shooters, it’s obvious that Nikon has its sights set on all digital photographers. The program offers some features that might compete with Photoshop, Aperture and Lightroom. For more information, read Nikon’s news release.

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  1. Any word on upgrade from the version that was included with the D300?

  2. Weird thing is…no mention of an upgrade for NX1 users!

  3. Ah…missed this:

    Capture NX 2 will be available for purchase throughout the United States in late June 2008 with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $179.95 (full version) or $109.95 (upgrade).

  4. Gotta love that Nik Software technology in Capture NX. Been there since NX1 over a year ago. Works magic!

  5. It does offer a nice blend of easy-to-use and accessible, but it feels buggy. Repeatedly cropping an image would bounce between image versions (ie, cropping a previous edit). And why does it have to be so slow?


  6. Good Day,

    I am Sr. Manager for Product & Software are Nikon Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Nikon Corp. Thank you for the coverage and to those who have posted comments, thank you for the kind words. To address Erigami’s issue, Capture NX 2 now offers an option to keep all steps active. This does require more processing power, however, it does allow you to see the crop when you step back in the edit list or go to the develop module (formerly known as the Base Adjustments in Capture NX version 1).

    You may feel free to contact me at mrubin (at) nikon (dot) net

    Thank you,


  7. I downloaded the 60 day demo… can’t wait to purchase it.

    Wow…u-point technology is amazing! I have been using Photoshop. I’m going to change my digital workflow to capture nx 2. Now it is easy to change specific areas of a photo in a simple user friendly tool. The color rendition is so much better in Capture NX 2. The images are even sharper. It even fixes chromatic abberrations automatically!

    It is slow but if you want the best results …. this is it!

    D80, 35-70 2.8, 18-135, 80-200 2.8, 12-24, 50mm, 75-300.

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