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Photos by Alex Lindsay

Sometimes, composing a photo is just as much about other areas of the photo as it is the subject. If you look at these images, you will see the use of the “other elements” to compose the picture. The first, Carrletta is behind Kie…it frames the photo and puts them together. In the Second, I shot Kie through his play gym. The out of focus foreground plays a key part of the composition. I often find myself looking for opportunities to use the background and foreground in the image as much as paying attention to the subject. Developing the muscle to look for the whole image is key to talking great pictures of the subject.

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  1. You have great subjects to shoot! I have have enjoyed my second go around with fatherhood and capturing the moment means more to me than ever.

    Thank you and your team for all the fantastic programing. I enjoy tuning in to every episode!!

    You are all a class act!!!

  2. Nice shots Alex. I have to say, I’m inclined to like out-of-focus foregrounds more than backgrounds. If I gave my mother my DSLR on Auto she would end up with out-of-focus backgrounds but when the foreground is out of focus, you know the photographer has an eye and some control over his camera.

  3. Here here. The programme does indeed rock. Mind you, since I am only 31 and not quite at fatherhood age yet, the Missus and I are quite content with photo’s of our now 3 year old spoilt puppy that we adopted off the street as a new born covered in fleas, malnourished and sneezing like a MCS sufferer in a pepper factory.

  4. Thanks! Yea, I have it pretty easy when it comes to subjects.

    Wait until you see my sister’s images…she just got a 40D and the images are…stunning. She is truly the master. I’m working on getting her to post a few.


  5. Your baby is soo cute, as a mom, I love the first picture.

    i too love the podcasts, the blog, the video tutorials. I just finished watching Fred’s video on removing people, wouldn’t it be great it that ability was available in the new Photoshop Express for Mac.

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