HDR Soft has ended the 3.0 beta and released the final version of Photomatix Pro 3.0.

We’ve talked extensively about this program on the show and several of us use it to generate tone maps.

New features in version 3.0

·    Improved workflow and User Interface
·    Workflow Shortcuts panel and addition of Tone Mapping button on HDR viewer
·    Dragging multiple image files to the Photomatix icon can automatically invoke the Generate HDR or Exposure Blending dialog.

·    Tone Mapping preview opens in a separate window with improved size controls
·    Presets menu allows quick access to user settings
·    Loupe does not replace image preview anymore. Checkbox enables to control separate refresh of preview and loupe

·     Second automatic alignment method
·    New alignment method is based on feature matching, and corrects for rotation in addition to translation.
·    New alignment method uses a different algorithm and approach from the first method, allowing to choose the best algorithm depending on the image. The new alignment algorithm is slower but often more accurate.

·     Improved Exposure Blending
·    New algorithm for method ‘H&S – Adjust’. It produces natural looking results while preserving highlights and shadows details well.

·    Preview and Loupe available for all Exposure Blending methods.
·    Ability to select the images for method ‘H&S – 2 images’
·    Merge of the two ‘H&S – Intensive’ sub-methods into one with a Strength setting added (its default value is equivalent to the formerly Light method and its maximum to the formerly Enhanced method).

·    RAW files are now supported for Exposure Blending
·   Improved handling of large HDR image files
·    When the size of the opened HDR image file reaches a threshold, a dialog box offers the option to open the image in preview mode. Choosing this option works similarly as formerly “Large File Processing” which has therefore been removed.

·    Size of threshold that triggers the dialog is 30 MegaPixels by default and adjustable in Preferences.
·   New options in Batch Processing
·    Selection of source files can now be done by files in addition to folder.
·    When the source image has a thumbnail embedded, selecting that image with the mouse shows the thumbnail.

·    Option to process bracketed images having each exposure located under a separate folder
·   Added support for Raw files of new camera models, such as the Nikon D300 and Sony A-700, for instance.

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  2. I love the changes in Photomatix. I thought it was a waste of money until I began using it again with the latest release. The results are more predictable now.

  3. I’ve been on the fence on buying this. I don’t tend to take a lot of photos of landscapes or buildings or other things that aren’t moving. Most of the photos are either people or things that are in motion, so I don’t think bracketed photography is much good there (maybe the people if they stay still enough).

    What would probably change my mind would be if the TWIP guys would get a deal with HDRsoft for us TWIP listeners to receive some sort of a discount. Whatayathink guys? Give ’em a call.


  4. Like all the changes(predictable) except the way it handles (pseudo HDR 1 jpg/raw image) older version is better for this.
    you have to guess what tone mapping setting should be. In the previous version you can see the
    effects with slider adjustments, unless im missing something. Ive found this program very handy
    for converting regular raw files not just HDR. Ive almost stop using CS3 for converting single
    raw files.

  5. I really would like to purchase this with a cashier’s check or band money order. I do not want to put my credit card number online. How may I do this? 2nd email Thanks.

    Ronald G. Levi

  6. @Ronald you’ll have to contact the company. We reviewed the product. We don’t sell it.

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