Canon is losing market share to Nikon. Perhaps the Twippers are not the only folks paying attention to the fact that Canon hasn’t been innovating lately.

Read the CNET article.

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  1. Wow – Sony has a higher market share than Nikon??? I assume this includes compacts and is not based on dslr body’s along then.

  2. What’s with the graph? I read the CNET article, and nothing I read relates to the graph, unless you convert that information to percentages. Or am I a complete idiot (likely)?

  3. The graph comes right from the CNET article.

  4. That graph most certainly includes P&S cameras. They explicitly state in the article that Canon and Nikon have 42.7% and 40% of the DSLR market. The graph makes sense if you count compacts because we know Sony does really well in that market.

  5. And of course, if you read the caption under the graph on the C|Net article, it actually says “Total camera market.” *doh*

  6. This is for all units shipped. I would like to see what the chart looks like for DSLRs…

  7. Well, it comes right for the article but clearly CNET doesn’t know what their doing b/c the article states:

    “In the total camera market, Canon’s 18.8 percent share of units shipped gave it the top rank. Next in line are Sony with 16 percent, Kodak with 9.6 percent, Samsung with 9 percent, Nikon with 8.4 percent, and Olympus with 8.3 percent.”

    Those numbers don’t jive with that graph.

  8. Oh…never mind…that graph is units sold and the numbers in the article are percent of share…my goof…sorry

  9. It is HIGHLY unlikely that I’ll ever switch from Canon to Nkon. Just too much money invested in glass. But it is equally highly unlikely that I’ll be buying any of the current crop of Canon digital SLRs. Yes, the 1Ds MKIII looks nice, but it still fails to impress sufficiently to convince me to upgrade from my current Canon digital SRL.

    Now, if the rumored 5D comes along with incredible ISO performance (D3-like), decent frame rates, and UDMA technology (fast card writes), then Canon may very well convince me it’s time to upgrade.

    For me, what Nikon has achieved isn’t so much to cause me to consider Nikon…. they’ve simply caused me to wait longer for Canon.

    Now… if Canon goes another year without any significant advancements… well… ! :)

  10. As someone looking to get their first DSLR I was all about Canon prior to the first of the year. Now I’m conflicted as to what I should get to start. A Nikon D60 or Canon Rebel Sxi? What do you guys think?

  11. Pffft! These horse race things are meaningful to you insiders who love to draw conclusions. Just a month ago Apple wasn’t innovating Aperture.

    I proud to have chosen a “lesser” brand than the herd. If you’re going to make decisions on what “might” in the future you’ll either buy nothing or your bank account better be as large as Scott’s. ;>)

  12. I think the switch to FF sensor really helped out Nikon in the Pro Market. A lot of Canon shooters were dedicated Nikon Film shooters and the only reason they went to Canon was because of the FF sensors and the High ISO….Oh and the insane Frame Rates and Higher pixel couldn’t didn’t hurt either lol.

    The good thing is that a lot of those pros lease their equipment so the switch is not as expensive.

  13. It makes sense. I would never have thought of a CANON when I got back into photography. Nikon made the first lenses and only started making camera’s when Canon stopped using Nikkor’s and made their own. When I think of CANON, I think of fax machines and photo copiers. When I think of Nikon, I think of binoculars, microscopes, industrial optics and Nikkor.

    A bit like when I think of big iron. I think of HPUX and AIX and not NT or Windows Server.

    Then again we could use pop music or the PC market as examples. Mac computers vs others and then Britney Spears vs New Order……

  14. I find it interesting that Olympus is so close to Nikon.
    Back in late 90s, Olympus were the real innovators in compact long zoom digital cameras, (ex: the C2020z which I still own) Right now I’m bummed to read the new Nikon D60 doesn’t have exposure bracketting.. but the Olympus DSLRs do.

  15. I just picked up a Nikon D40, so add me to the bar!

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