Released today, Aperture 2.1 introduces an open plug-in architecture that lets photographers use specialized third-party imaging software from right within Aperture. In fact, customers downloading the Aperture 2.1 update will receive the new Dodge & Burn plug-in. Developed by Apple, it adds brush-based tools for dodge (lighten), burn (darken), contrast, saturation, sharpen and blur.

Aperture 2 customers can download the free Aperture 2.1 Update from

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  1. Yippi!!! Thank you Apple!

  2. I tend to think that’s a pretty big deal.

  3. A nice update. I haven’t had much luck in getting dodge/burn to work for me. It loads but the tool works intermittently. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing or is it my configuration?

  4. Is it just me or are people able to use Software Update for this? I am downloading via the downloads page, which really wasn’t easy to find the correct link. I kept finding the demo version, which is no good. Rob Gailbrath said that it shows up in Software Update but on my MacBook Pro 17″ running 10.4.11 – no show.

  5. Wow! I wonder how Adobe is taking this… I think the guys talked on the show about Adobe not wanting Apple to create a Photoshop competitor, and this sounds like a step towards exactly that.

  6. I love all the cool stuff they’re coming out with!

  7. Upgraded today and all my photos went off-line. Had to manually re-connect them. Not too bad as I have them setup in my own structure. Seen others with the same problem so I would wait. Apple needs to fix offline / online issue.

  8. Apple added a new tutorial – Editing with Plugins:Dodge and Burn.


  9. I still don’t see it as a direct Photoshop competitor. It only does a specific subset of what people might use Photoshop to do. If they add drawing tools, then it’s a direct competitor.

  10. It’s nice to see Apple updating the application frequently. We just has the 2.01 update not long ago.

  11. The big issue is that Apple doesn’t need to add drawing tools…anyone can. The architecture is wide open.


  12. Awesomeness to ensue…

    The big question is if Apple will add other (non brush) tools like masking. Having not seen the SDK, it could be possible for third parties to do this. I have to say, this kind of shot-over-the-bow along with PS Express makes me seriously doubt Flash for the iPhone.

  13. Of course, if I was Adobe, I’d built an editing tool to work inside of Aperture…if they don’t someone else will…


  14. @Mitch Paull – I had same problem – photos went offline w/ 2.1 upgrade. How did you manually re-connect them?

  15. I’m excited to finally get Dodge and Burn, but the way they implemented it looses the important non-destructive aspect that makes the other adjustments so useful. This means no Lift & Stamp, no way to easily combine dodge and burn with other adjustments, and wasted HD space since a new exported TIFF or PSD must be created before using Dodge and Burn. Read more about the shortcomings of Aperture’s Dodge and Burn here.

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