Adobe has introduced ACR version 4.4. This RAW converter works in both Photoshop and Lightroom. Adobe has also updated Lightroom 1.4.

This update adds support for nine new cameras plus a bug fix or two. It also adds older printer driver support for Macs running Lightroom.

The upgrade is free for existing users.

You can get it at these links:

ACR 4.4 Mac
ACR 4.44
Lightroom 1.4 for Mac
Lightroom 1.4 for Windows

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  1. Is it only me, or is the last episode of TWIP not possible to download via iTunes at the moment?

  2. I have been using lightroom for a while and love it, especially compared to the Aperture or anything else.

    I am having an issue with 1.4 it is failing to write XMP files. I would hold off on this upgrade if you use XMP heavily in your workflow.

  3. Adobe has pulled the 1.4 update and is recommending anyone who has upgrade to 1.4 to now downgrade to 1.3.1

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