Think Tank Photo has announced three new bags for photographers.

The Airport Airstream is a small roller that complies with international air travel guidelines.

The Airport Security V2.0 is a large roller that will fit on most domestic US airlines.

The Airport International V.20 is the mid-size roller designed to meet all international carry on requirements.

All the new bags incorporate security features that make it harder for thieves to walk off with the bags. They are all customizable and configurable.

While I have not seen or used these bags, and therefor cannot review them, I can say that I have owned and used several Think Tank Photo products and find them to be of outstanding quality.

I reviewed (and own) the Airport Addicted roller backpack in November, 2005. Even then, Think Tank Photo was making the best bags on the market. If their current quality matches their past quality, these new bags will be worth a look.

Get more info at and if you have any personal experience with Think Tank products, good or bad, be sure to leave your comments below.

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  1. Unfortunately, we cannot buy these locally in Oz. I became aware of ThinkTank bags after I purchased my 300/2.8 L IS lens, and wanted to transport it attached to a camera body – their Glass Taxi is perfect for the job! But… when I went to their website, they were out of stock of that particular model, and I never got around to ordering it after that. I have only heard good things about them though, and this blog post of yours might end up costing me some money… :-/

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