The latest revision of Aperture addresses issues related to the performance and overall stability of Aperture 2, and includes fixes that cover upgrading libraries from earlier versions of Aperture, publishing .Mac Web Gallery albums, Preview generation and deletion, and creating and ordering books. There are a host of other minor bug fixes included in the update.

Aperture 2.01 is available via Apple’s ‘Software Update’ feature located under the Apple Menu, or can download the update manually from Apple’s updates page (43.9MB).

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  1. Before this update my Aperture library wasn’t being shared with any other program (Desktops, media browser, etc.) Now it is, but not a full quality image. I exported an image with aperture and made that the desktop and it looked good. Then I went to System Preferences > Desktop and selected the same image and the quality looked substantially worse.

  2. Wold love to try out this new version of Aperture but so far I have not received a serial number. It has been 48 hours since I downloaded it the first time. Have tried a couple of different email addresses and yes I’ve checked to make sure it’s not going into my junk folder. Has anyone else had a similar problem?

  3. @ David

    When you access your Aperture library from System Prefs you are accessing the previews. If you want higher quality, you can change resolution and JPEG quality of previews in Aperture prefs.

  4. After running the Aperture Compatibility checker and getting the “thumbs up”, I downloaded Aperture 2 trial software to my Powerbook G4 12″. Imagine to my dismay when Aperture 2 informed me my hardware wasn’t good enough (in spite of the compatibility checker telling me otherwise). Oh well, time for a Mac Book Pro I suppose …. I wish Apple could have saved me time and angst!

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