If you hate layer masks – you’ll love Viveza. I had a chance to play with this plug-in at PMA and I have to say it’s very, very cool.

You can make all sorts of adjustments using Nik’s U-Point technology. This eliminates the need for layer masks and it really works.

They’re offering a free 15 day trial.

The retail price is $249.95, which isn’t cheap, but in my opinion – well worth it.

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  1. I have been using this technology in Nikon’s Capture NX since Nik Software incorporated it in the app months ago and its fantastic. We call it the magic tool. Simply amazing! Its great to see that it can be used in Photoshop now.

  2. I currently do all my image adjustment in Aperture, but I do want the ability to enhance just a portion of the image. So, if I purchase Photoshop Elements as a cheap host for Viveza, would I be able to make a “round trip” from Aperture to Viveza to Aperture with RAW files, or would I have to do all of my adjustments in Aperture first and then export a TIFF for a final adjustment in Viveza?

  3. @Leos, yes, you can round trip from Aperture to Photoshop (any flavor) and back.

  4. Thanks, Jason. I guess the part I am not clear about is what happens when you get back from photoshop to aperture. I assume the image that comes back is now TIFF (or PS format) so it is a different file than the original RAW file with the attached nondestructive enhancements. I also assume that additional aperture enhancements performed to the returned file would only apply to that file. So, after the round trip I would have two different image files. The original enhanced RAW and the photoshop modified TIFF or PS format version, is that correct?

  5. I guess this is all moot since Apple’s Aperture 2.1 announcement:

    “Apple is working closely with key developers to bring the most requested plug-ins to Aperture such as:

    Nik Software’s Viveza plug-in, powered by U Point technology, which provides a powerful, precise and easy way for photographers to selectively control and adjust color and light in their digital images;”

  6. With the enhancements to Aperture in 2.1, especially the plug-in functionality, would you upgrade to CaptureNX 2 or simply get the Viveza and other plug-ins?

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