Apple has released a list of cameras that are capable of shooting tethered to the computer while using Aperture 2.0.

While this isn’t a feature that will be widely used, it is important to a vocal minority and Apple needs to think about updating the list to include the newer top-of-the-line cameras from Canon and Nikon.

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  1. No Pentax cameras *at all*? Guess they’re just after the big 2 :(

  2. Thanks chaos pilot. I found that the PEF files from my *ist-D seem to work just fine, though I was looking forward to playing with tethered shooting (as an aperture newbie :)

    Ah well, fingers crossed for the K20D when it comes out :)

  3. I really wanted to try this feature out be my D50 won’t work dam.

  4. Seems odd that the Canon 30D isn’t supported but most of the older Canon DSLR bodies are. I wonder why? If anyone knows please comment. Thanks!

  5. The list for RAW file support is a lot larger. Several Pentax cameras are known supported.

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