Just a note for those of you upgrading to Aperture 2.0. The first thing Aperture 2.0 does when you open it is offer to convert your existing Aperture 1.x library, and once this is done, there’s no going back. In my limited experience – there’s nothing to fear. The speed increase is amazing. _______________

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  1. Not with the trail version. Being outside the USA, I order my Aperture 2 upgrade as soon as it was announced, Apple Australia have a shipping date of the 20th of February. So I downloaded the trail, which when you first open gives you the option of creating a “Aperture Library Trail” or quitting, if you try to set the library under preferences the trail wont allow that either when relaunched it just asks you again to create a trail library. As such the trail version can not see my original aperture library but it also cant damage it.
    But was glad to shoot a few pictures to play with the new D300 Raw support. Cant wait for my new aperture to arrive next week.

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