February 12, 2008

Apple Releases Aperture 2

Finally! Apple today announced that Aperture version 2.0 is shipping. The retail price is US$199 or US$99 for the upgrade. (If you purchased Aperture 1.5 between January 1, 2008, and March 14, 2008, you are eligible to upgrade to Aperture 2 for US$9.95 to cover shipping and handling).

This is a significant upgrade to the product with more than 100 new features including a new highlight recovery tool, digital vignettes, a new soft-edged brush retouch tool, an updated RAW converter, new faster preview mode, simpler interface and integration with .Mac.

I have to say I don’t understand Apple’s marketing decisions when it comes to Aperture. I think it was either very arrogant or very foolish not to announce this at PMA. But in any event, I am glad to see that Apple has not abandoned the Aperture product.

We’ll have a detailed review soon.

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  1. This is great news, Do you think that the reason that aperture was delayed was to do with 10.5.2 which got released last night (unusually as its usually Thursday for OS releases) and its new RAW profiles. It wouldn’t surprise me that Aperture has been ready for weeks but it was the leopard update that held everything up, and hence the botched release.

  2. Looks like it contains most — if not all — of the items on my “Aperture 2 wish list”.
    If it packs the required performance improvements I’ll be a very happy bunny.

    chaos pilot

  3. Looking forward to TWIP’s review. Do you think TWIP could put out a screencast highlighting favorite parts, or remaining annoyances in Aperature 2? It would be really interesting to see the same type of analysis screencast done for Lightroom. Thanks guys. Love the show.


  4. I have been using Lightroom for a while and i have to say i love it (apart from the huuuuge system stalling/crashing bug when trying to preview lightroom affected photos in the finder)

    I have tried Aperture 1.5 on the 1 month preview and i just cant get into its workflow… anyone else having the same issues?

    hopefully Aperture 2 will improve this for me as id much rather use an apple native product

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