(KEY: CMD = Command Key on Macs / CTRL = Control Key on Windows machines.)

You may have thought that only RAW shooters can take advantage of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). If so, you’d be wrong. You can indeed work with JPEGS or TIFFS in ACR. You’ll be working with less data, but have access to all the same controls. To do this follow these steps:

In Adobe Bridge, hit CMD/CTRL > K to open preferences Check “Prefer ACR for JPEG and TIFF Files.”

Still in Bridge, select a JPEG or TIFF image you want to work with. (Make sure it is flattened, i.e., that it is not a layered file. This won’t work in ACR.)

Press CMD/CTRL > R to open an image from Bridge into ACR. Make your corrections and save.

Some things to consider…

The proper settings will only properly render when you open this image in Photoshop or Bridge.

You can’t work on TIFF files in ACR that are greater than 300 MB.

That’s it.

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