January 23, 2008

Check Your Batteries

Have you checked your camera battery? If your camera has been sitting around in the closet for a while, and you use rechargable batteries, you might be in for a rude surprise when you break out your kit to photograph the next big game or your cousin’s wedding.

Rechargable batteries can drain all by themselves. It’s called self-discharge. Even when your camera is turned off, the rechargable battery can drain. So recharge and refresh your batteries the day before the big event. That way you won’t miss a shot.

And consider having some extra batteries charged and ready to go. You can now buy rechargable batteries with up to 2900mAh capacity. The larger that number, the longer the batteries will last. In fact, if you have been using the same old set of rechargable batteries for the last two years, it might be time to recycle them and purchase new high-capacity batteries.

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  1. I have the battery charger shown in the picture. It’s an incredible charger and is very cheap. I also have two sets of Sanyo Eneloops, a new battery line that has a very slow drain rate when not in use. They are pretty cheap and are great to have in the bag if you forget to charge before leaving the house.

  2. scott, any recommendations of canon batteries vs 3rd party batteries, i shoot with canon 5D’s.

  3. That looks like an amazing charger! Where did you get it? And how much does one cost?!? If I’m shooting a wedding, I usually go ahead and spring for some fresh Lithium AA batteries for my flash to get a better chance of charging up the *whatever makes the charging up noise for the next flash* faster and lasting the whole day.

  4. Hello,

    Thank you very much for opening this blog! I would like to know what the name of the charger shown above is. I would love to know what the drain is on my batteries.



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